How to do Underpinning in Foundations?

Benefits Of Underpinning On The Foundations

The strength of a building’s foundation decreases over time, the stability and the structural integrity shows flaws. Thus, when the movement surpasses the safe limit, the cracks and bends start to appear in the premises. These stress then transfer to other parts of the building, such as wall and concrete slab which leads to developing

Restumping a house Melbourne

What is the Cost of Restumping a House?

Restumping is a big work and it needs a small fortune to get the job done correctly. Reblocking, restumping, and underpinning are some services for which you need a professional team who has enough experience of performing these tasks. Restumping means replacing your house’s existing timber stumps with new stumps. New stumps provide a firmer


5 Reasons Your Building Foundation Might Fail

What is termed as the foundation failure? Well, it is a situation when the laid foundation recedes below the original level of construction. The failure may be because of many reasons and is visible in the form of cracks and separations in the walls. Foundation failure causes expansions and contractions of the underlying soil. Further,


Signs That Your Building Needs Re-Blocking

All building structures are constructed in a manner such that they have a strong foundation to provide ample support. Foundation may be done with wooden or concrete stumps and or concrete filling. Due to the weathering and natural elements, the stumps and foundation may wear out over time for which it has to be revamped.