Restumping Melbourne

Hire our agents for the best restumping service in your property. Our highly experienced professionals know the exceptional ways to support and strengthen your property. A restumping project is a huge house renovation endeavor, though not very different from a house renovation. The first part is to analyse when the stumps need to be replaced. Second, a visual report needs to be conducted. Thirdly, the physical replacement needs to be performed. Finally, the professionals provide a post-implementation report to you which ensures your stumps are quality assured for 25 years or more.

Restumping Melbourne
Restumping Melbourne


This can occur in two ways:

  1. After having experienced wall cracking or slanting in the home (the Reactive approach).
  2. By proactively monitoring your stumps every ten years or so to ensure they are still in good condition (the Proactive approach).

To ensure your investment is best protected, experts advice is you seek out proactive monitoring of your stumps. This will be about checking for signs of decay and disrepair. Alternatively, find a restumping inspections company to do it for you. IS A PERMIT REQUIRED FOR RESTUMPING? Yes, a council permit will need to be obtained for Restumping in Melbourne.


A professional restumping services company is usually best placed to assist you in protecting your investment from structural damage, slanting, and damage caused by problems with your stumps (blocks) underneath your house.

Amazing Restumping Melbourne
Amazing Restumping Melbourne


An FAQ is ‘what does restumping mean for me, and why is it different to underpinning?’ It’s a critical question.
Underpinning is the revitalisation of concrete or additional material to support existing flat foundations. Restumping is about replacing the material itself – using wooden, steel or concrete ‘blocks’. If you don’t have stumps – you can’t do restumping, and vice versa!


How much does Restumping cost?
Costs for restumping services vary between $8000-$20,000. Some of the factors most vendors need to consider include:

  • Soil conditions
  • Access points
  • The size of your property
  • Age of the blocks/stumps will have an impact on the final price.
Affordable Restumping Melbourne
Affordable Restumping Melbourne


Expertise with restumping has led to a standardisation process in 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. Our high level process includes:

  1. Protect yourself with Restumping insurance. Insurance is vital to do before restumping your home, as it will pay for part of that $8,000-$20,000 fee which hits families and individuals so hard.
  2. Visual inspection of house stumps. Professional restumping services companies in Melbourne will check your house stumps first! This is about checking soil conditions, quality of the stumps, and what they’re connected to.
  3. Restumping process. Restumping replacement proceeds after visual inspection of your existing stumps, and then replacement in new stumps of concrete or steel – the final product is guaranteed for 25-80 years.
  4. Restumping report. The restumping team’s final deliverable is providing a restumping assessment in Melbourne. This is to provide a record of the work to date, and can really increase buying potential later on down the track.


The procedure of restumping varies between 3-7 business days depending on your particular arrangements and workload capacity.


Usually, Restumping arrangements gaurentee your blocks for up to 25 years, but the reality is they often last longer (up to 80).

Restumping Melbourne
Restumping Melbourne

Same Day Inspection

A house after a course of time lose its strength, the foundations get weaker over time. If you’re living in an old house, you might be wondering if your house has a strong foundation. To know the condition of your house foundation, you can call Total Underpinning, we are professionals who do the inspection, we sent our engineers to do the inspection of the site and provide the report on the same day. Our engineers will visit the premises on the same day and prepare the report also. Call us for an inspection of your, house, office or any property, we assure you’ll know the condition of the property with statistics on the same day.


These are the types of services we offer at Total Underpinning:

  • Professional Restumping services Melbourne
  • Restumping and restacking Melbourne
  • Restumping, Restumping and underpinning work Melbourne.
  • Expert Restumping Melbourne
  • Restumping visual assessments
  • Restumping Melbourne
  • Resetting reblocks
  • 9001:2008 Quality Management restumping
  • Restumping assessments
  • Underpinning Melbourne
  • Restumping advice Melbourne
  • Replace stumps Melbourne
  • Restumping estimates Melbourne
  • Restumping and restacking
  • Expert, flexible Restumping professionals Melbourne
  • Adding new foundations and repair the existing
  • Structural cracks repairs
  • Retaining and repairing moving and cracked walls
  • Property exptension and renovations


Total Underpinning is a famous and most preferred name when it comes to foundation work, including restumping, reblocking, underpinning and more. If you want more reasons and benefits of hiring us, go through the below mentioned points.

  • Complete knowledge of underpinning and related work
  • Professional underpinning and restumping services
  • The procedure is completed within a minimum of 5 days and a maximum 7 days.
  • Affordable restumping Melbourne
  • Local restumping Melbourne
  • The best solution for your home
  • Involvement of geochemical engineer for the best understanding of your soil conditions
  • Ready for instant help
  • Proven Experience of more than 10 years in the industry
  • Available for wall cracking inspections and further treatment


Get in touch with us if you need any restumping assistance in Melbourne. Call 1800 463 153.

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Awesome Melbourne Re-stumping Services

Restumping Melbourne
5 5 1
Total Underpinning claims to be the best Re-stumping Services provider for Melbourne. I booked the services over phone and the team come to my place at a priority. They are engaged in Steel, concrete and timber stump replacement. they fixed my welding requirement within a few seconds. Thank you Total Underpinning for your timely services. I am quite satisfied with your work. I would like to recommend you to everyone.

Reblocking Melbourne

Reblocking Melbourne. Before the procedure begins it’s important to know ‘what is reblocking? Reblocking is the process of replacing old material stumps on a house that uses subfloors as a basis for its building foundations, with new, enhanced stumps. As these stumps are placed in sets called ‘blocks’, the terms reblocking and restumping are often used synonymously.

What leads to reblocking? Soil conditions vary widely across Australia. Wear and tear over generations can and does cause structural damage to residential and industrial properties. Often, it’s only after cracks start appearing in walls and cupboard doors don’t close properly that you know you’re in for an expensive repair job.

Reblocking Melbourne Reblocking Melbourne

It’s important to be proactive about reblocking in Melbourne. To protect your investments and property, it is recommended that the process is carried out by a professional reblocking services company to alleviate the burden. Many reblocking companies have varying levels of expertise, it is important you find a suitably experience reblocking company to do the job for you.

  • Professional and Licensed Reblocking Agents
  • Guaranteed Results in Every Project
  • Responsible Team
  • Reblocking Services Across All the Suburbs of Melbourne
  • Lowest Reblocking Charges- according to your property length


Reblocking has a best-practice set of components you need to understand in order to get the full view of what it is.

  1. Reblocking insurance. You may be able to recoup much of the cost simply by having a robust home and contents insurance policy.
  2. Reblocking inspection. Before you engage a full reblocking team in Melbourne, a visual inspection of the stumps is best advised. This occurs by digging 100mm into the topsoil next to the stumps and testing appropriately. As a result of this inspection, you should be able to determine if you need a complete rehaul of your stumps or just a reblocking reset.
  3. Reblocking process. Next, a highly qualified reblocking team of engineers and reblocking tradespeople will replace the actual stumps. These will be either wood, concrete or steel, and may have decayed significantly. Most modern reblocking practices recommend you use concrete or steel to ensure maximum lasting.
  4. Reblocking report. Any professional reblocking services in Melbourne will provide a final report after the reblocking is complete. This is your guarantee against any new restumping needing to be done for at least 25 years.

Reblocking Melbourne Reblocking Melbourne


What is the difference between reblocking and underpinning?
Underpinning involves the injection of concrete or additional material to support existing flat foundations. Reblocking itself is exactly the same as restumping – using wooden, steel or concrete slabs to stabilise your property.

Why You Need Reblocking?

After a course of time, every house or building foundation come to its weakest point, at this stage, only restumping can reverse the stumps damage. The process involves repairing and replacement of stump material, when it’s done, the foundation is restored and strong again. An old building has a potential risk of collapsing anytime, restumping prevents it from getting damaged. We at Total Underpinning have years of experience in restumping and restoring the old foundation. For booking dial, our numbers and our engineers will come to your house for inspection.


Now that you are aware, what is reblocking and why it is important, you would want to hire the best reblocking agents in Melbourne. We at Total Underpinning work with the best agents who have the complete knowledge of reblocking and underpinning process. The services our professionals offer are not less than best. Our technicians can visit your place on the same day of booking, and investigate the length of your property and problem behind reblocking.


Besides providing the exceptional reblocking services Melbourne, our professionals are also famous for their friendly and co-operative behavior. We listen and understand, all you have to ask about our services. And then answer all your question with patiently. We start our procedure after your complete satisfaction and approval. Call us now for reblocking Melbourne and bring your to its original and safe condition.


How much does reblocking cost?

While it varies with the property, in general, reblocking in Melbourne has a reblocking cost $8000-$20,000. This varies based on factors such as:

  • The size of your property
  • Age of the blocks/stumps will have an impact on the final price.
  • Soil conditions
  • Access points


If you have not performed reblocking before, it is no easy task. We recommend a professional reblocking services company to take it on for you. We have seen customers spend thousands only to have to have complete reblocking work done.


  • Restumping Melbourne Eastern Suburbs
  • Restumping Melbourne Western Suburbs
  • Southern Suburbs Restumping Melbourne
  • Restumping Northen Suburbs Melbourne


In our experience at Total Underpinning, concrete and steel stumps last a long time (up to 80 years), but the average is 25 years. This means you should have a visual check up every so often, or ask a professional reblocking team to do it for you.

Reblocking Melbourne Reblocking Melbourne


These are the types of services we offer at Total Underpinning:

  • Restumping, reblocking and underpinning work Melbourne.
  • Expert, flexible reblocking professionals.
  • Professional reblocking services
  • Qualified reblocking teams
  • Reblocking visual assessments
  • Reblocking Melbourne
  • Resetting reblocks
  • Reblocking estimates Melbourne
  • Restumping assessment reports
  • Reblocking and restacking
  • Reblocking assessments


  • Same day agents visit
  • Friendly Expert Service
  • Affordable reblocking services
  • Over a decade of experience
  • Reblocking Inspection
  • Best reblocking process for your home
  • No need of reblocking for at least 25 years after our services
  • Best services in the industry


It is strongly advised you get in touch with a professional reblocking organisation if you are new to reblocking, even if you have performed renovation work before. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to assist.

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I like the Reblocking Service

Reblocking Melbourne
5 5 1
Re-blocking Service is essential for hygiene, care and maintenance of the roads and Drain. After a heavy rain fall you will find all the roads blocked with the broken down trees. It is quite difficult for people like us to clean the road and drain. We need to order a professional help for the same. They have the perfect machine and equipment to make the road free from blocking. Thank you Total Underpinning for your great re-blocking services.